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MKN Financial Group, located in Ventura County California, has been serving individual and business clients since 1994. Our approach is distinguished in several ways. Our primary focus is the preservation of wealth before and during the retirement years. We help our clients take charge of managing their financial resources so that they can benefit from the following:

• Custom Life Plans
• Custom Long Term Care Plans
• Tax Deductions
• Non Taxable Benefits

Why Plan?

We live for many healthy, active years beyond our retirement dates. Our commitment to you is to maximize the enjoyment and freedom from financial worry you experience during those years. You will be able to assure your family that you have planned for your needs.

Why Insure?

Insurance can be complex and confusing. We can simplify the process and help you to determine your overall insurance needs.

Insurance can protect your lifetime of assets by helping to pay for the cost of care or replace income and assets. It can allow you greater freedom in obtaining care in the place of your choice and help to maintain your lifestyle.